The Bovine Gene Atlas (BGA) will not be available after November 30, 2015. The information on the website is out of date.

The Bovine Gene Atlas (BGA) is a compendium of over 7.2 million unique 20 base transcript tags profiled from 81 tissues acquired from the cow “L1 Dominette 01449” , her male fetus, her 255 day old heifer calf, and her father. The BGA tags were generated on Illumina’s GA1 sequencing platform. L1D’s genome (build: 4.1; 2008; Btau4.0) was sequenced at the Baylor College of Medicine and Genome Canada sequenced EST and full-length transcripts from the same tissues used for the BGA. We chose these tissues as a source of total RNA to minimize sequence differences between cDNA tags and genomic or expressed sequence and increase the probability of unequivocally mapping tags to build 3.1. The BGA is comprised of cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive and urinary tissues sampled from animals in the fetal, juvenile, and adult stages of development. This cover is a portal to view the tags positioned on the 3.1 build using GBrowse, and a new database schema for positional and functional queries.


  • NRI-Animal genome reagent and tool development
    no. 2006-35616-16648 from the USDA Cooperative
    State Research, Education, and Extension
  • Projects 1265-31000-098D (BFGL),
    5434-31000-014-00D (LARRL) and
    5438-31000-085-00D (USMARC) from the USDA,
    Agricultural Research Service
  • Project 2008-34609-19318 from CSRESS
Harhay GP, Smith TP, Alexander LJ, Haudenschild CD, Keele JW, Matukumalli LK, Schroeder SG, Van Tassell CP, Gresham CR, Bridges SM, Burgess SC, Sonstegard TS. (2010). "An atlas of bovine gene expression reveals novel distinctive tissue characteristics and evidence for improving genome annotation."
Genome Biol. 2010 Oct 20;11(10):R102.
BGA dBase Host

Bovine Gene Atlas Team

Meat Animal Research Center
Gregory Harhay ~ BGA Developer
John Keele
Tim Smith

Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory
Steve Schroeder
George Liu
Curt Van Tassell
Lakshmi Matukumalli
Robert Li
Tad Sonstegard ~ Lead-PI

Fort Keogh Livestock Range Research Laboratory
Lee Alexander

Christian Haudenschild
Keith Moon


Tissue Collection
Andy Roberts, Richard Waterman – LARRL
Steve Moore – Univ. Alberta
Mike Brownstein – Venter Institute
Steve Smith – TAMU

Alicia Bertles - BFGL

AgBase Team
Susan Bridges - MSU
Shane Burgess - MSU
Cathy Gresham - MSU
Fiona McCarthy - MSU

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